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Roadside Scenery: Come and Get It While It’s Hot

That’s an interesting way to sell chicken…

Cinderella Story

I was fretting about what to wear to the ball this year, until eBay, like a kindly yet weirdly suspicious fairy godmother clad in a never-washed genuine Art Nouveau polyester leisure suit previously owned by a hirsute chain-smoker, offered up a solution to my problem.

Roadside Scenery: BOGO up, cowboy!

These cowgirl earrings make me feel funny…

Roadside Scenery: On Beyond the Freudian Slip

Apparently, I need to visit Harbor Freight right now!

Please, Sir, May I Have Some More?

Our local newspaper, for a time, went to a profit model where readers were asked to answer a survey question before they were allowed to read beyond the first sentence or so of each news article on the paper’s website.  This is a screenshot of one of the survey questions I was served last September: OK, Let’s discuss!… Read More ›

Sorry, I’m just so busy…

…trying to take a picture of my foot.    

Scene from a Wal-Mart in Missouri

Don’t worry, I’m choking up a little, too.

Pavane for a dead … what?

(Traditional?) wild turkey dance, updated for modern audiences with music by Rihanna.


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