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Where does recycling waste end up?

December 26, 2017

New York Times China Limits Waste. ‘Cardboard Grannies’ and Texas Recyclers Scramble November 25, 2017 WikiTribune Started 01 Mar 2018 China refuses ‘foreign garbage,’ leaving waste mountains in West Wall Street Journal April 12, 2018 Amid Trade Feud, Recycling Is in Danger of Landing on Trash Pile: China’s planned tariffs on scrap aluminum, tougher quality… Read More ›

Quote of the Day: Galbraith on Producing the Urge to Consume

… If the individual’s wants are to be urgent, they must be original with himself.  They cannot be urgent if they must be contrived for him.  And above all, they must not be contrived by the process of production by which they are satisfied.  For this means that the whole case for the urgency of… Read More ›


Quote of the Day: On the Fear of Narcissism

In this way, Morton argues, our need to get a more immediate, superficial sharing, and to feel good about ourselves as a result, protects us from recognizing our deeper and more threatening sharing, a more terrifying similarity: we’ve done things more like the murderer than we can bear. It’s not a crass relativism, Morton’s idea;… Read More ›

“almost no chance…we’re living in ‘base reality.’ “

…but isn’t this just a slick way of permitting yourself the fallback position that a more traditional higher power may be in play? You may scoff, but in 2003 the philosopher Nick Bostrom of Oxford University published a paper laying out reasons to think that we are pretty likely to be living in a simulation. And the simulation hypothesis has gained influential supporters…. Read More ›


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