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Roadside Scenery: Come and Get It While It’s Hot

June 19, 2017

No one’s ever offered me their chicken in quite this way before….   (KFC in Rolla Missouri, as seen from the Wal-Mart parking lot)  

Roadside Scenery: BOGO up, cowboy!

23rd Street, Lawrence / Kansas K-10 Highway I was heading out of Lawrence a few months ago, on the main street that turns into the road toward Kansas City, when I had to do several double-takes on the sale advertisement sign for a western wear and farm supply store (their sign is one of those changeable-letter marquee signs that lets you… Read More ›

Roadside Scenery: On Beyond the Freudian Slip

Central Missouri, Highway 50    

Brony Cat

My Cat Became a Brony…

…and begged me to tell the world. Although I’m not usually the funny-cat-video type, I have agreed to do this for Rover just this once, since he says he cannot currently remember even a single one of his own passwords, or how to type. He really wanted me to title this post “I CAN HAS… Read More ›

Sorry, I’m just so busy…

…trying to take a picture of my foot.  

Pavane for a dead … what?

(Traditional?) wild turkey dance, updated for modern audiences with accompanying music by Rihanna. The full video, along with a not-too-convincing explanation, can be found here, on the NPR site: Turkeys Circling A Dead Cat Are Probably Wary, Not Working Dark Magic Boston Magazine called “Massachusetts’ foremost turkey expert,” who said it was possible that the birds were… Read More ›

Language: Ups and Downs

Words & Phrases I’ve Come to Appreciate (Although once I may have mocked them) Misunderestimated If you can accept it as a purposefully coined word, this becomes grand.  Just roll it around in there for a while: it needs time to bloom, like some kind of strange wine. Please, I’ll Do Anything, Just Make It Stop Lifestyle It’s… Read More ›

We will never forget you

While thinking about the humor behind AL’s funny horse, I jumped track and started thinking about my favorite joke of all time, which I ran across on Snopes a few years back. I don’t get the impression that Snopes does a lot of jokes, but this one comes attached to a thread with urban legends about… Read More ›

Bit My Shine Metl As

I was paging through coloring books while clearing out old stuff and rediscovered this AL masterwork. Point taken: Futurama might have a slightly corrupting influence on 5-year-olds. I tend to overthink, so I’ve been examining why I find things in this vein so particularly funny. It’s the tension between the situation and the words being said that seems to have the most… Read More ›


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