Turn me over, brothers, I am done enough on this side

Roadside Scenery: BOGO up, cowboy!


The doctor says it’s just hysteria, but I sure like the strange way all these cowgirl earrings make me feel….

23rd Street, Lawrence / Kansas K-10 Highway

I was heading out of Lawrence a few months ago, on the main street that turns into the road toward Kansas City, when I had to do several double-takes on the sale advertisement sign for a western wear and farm supply store (their sign is one of those changeable-letter marquee signs that lets you add and remove letters to post temporary messages).

I tried to take a picture but didn’t get the shot.  I didn’t turn around because I wasn’t driving, and thought I could get it on the way back into town.  By then, they had already changed the message (why o why?!?!).

So I can’t show it, but here’s what it said:

Women’s Jewelry Sale
Buy One, Get One Off

I agree, jewelry is really nice and all.  But . . . I guess it’s just that I don’t know anyone who feels quite so strongly about it.



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