Turn me over, brothers, I am done enough on this side

Language: Ups and Downs

Words & Phrases I’ve Come to Appreciate (Although once I may have mocked them)

Misunderestimated Chalice

Swirl wine glass for a few seconds to let wine “breathe” and bring out the aromas

  1. Misunderestimated
    If you can accept it as a purposefully coined word, this becomes grand.  Just roll it around in there for a while: it needs time to bloom, like some kind of strange wine.

Please, I’ll Do Anything, Just Make It Stop

  1. Lifestyle
    It’s really such a vile word.
  2. Consumer
    Particularly when people call themselves or others this.
  3. Disruption
    You worked on an app that helps people acquire (*insert product/service name here), making the world so much better in the process (*insert monetization strategy overview here).  
  4. Artisanal
    Please stop talking and walk away.
  5. Aspirational
    Some people say throwing up really does help make this feeling stop.

* For extra credit, try combining the above into phrases. The results can be strange and wonderful, like a mash-up of postmodernist poetry and that uncontrollable-spinning-bed sensation you get after you’ve had way too much scotch.

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